Rayne (sometimes, though quite rarely, referred to as "BloodRayne") is the protagonist of the franchise. She is a fictional, bloodthirsty American dhampir, born after her mother was raped by her vampire father. In 1932, she spent her teenage years trying to hunt down and kill her father. It was a search that led her to Europe, where she committed a series of murders along the way before being apprehended. Claiming that her victims had been vampires, she was quickly disbelieved by the authorities, but eventually managed to escape from them and continue her hunt. She was recruited into the mysterious Brimstone Society via an invitation. The Brimstone Society sent her on missions to eliminate supernatural threats to the world. One of these missions required her to use her vampiric powers against the Nazis, who were on the verge of using magical artifacts to bring Hitler to power. Rayne also learned of a plan to use demonic parasites called Daemites against the enemies of the Nazis, after they had been tested on prisoners. The background to the story is influenced by the existence of various historically real Nazi occult groups such as the Thule society. In the video games, Rayne is highly athletic and versatile, thanks to her half-vampiric nature as well as a lifetime of training. In addition to her ability to jump more than 20 feet into the air, she can also fire one gun in each hand at different targets (and is strong enough to fire assault rifles and shotguns one-handed), use her aura vision to detect mission-specific targets, pull her foes towards her using a wrist-mounted harpoon in order to feed on their blood, slow down time using dilated perception, and zoom in on distant targets with one of her eyes like a sniper scope. Aside from the guns she would pick up from fallen enemies, she was equipped with blades mounted on her forearms. While Rayne has vampire-like strength, she also shares at least some of their weaknesses. For example, standing in water burns her, causing her gradual damage (it immediately incinerates full-blooded vampires). On the other hand, she seems unaffected by holy items and only mildly annoyed by sunligh, doing the same damage as water. Rayne's character design is highly sexual in nature, her outfit in BloodRayne is a highly revealing, black and red leather corset, and in BloodRayne 2 she wears a variety of different, very revealing costumes. Most players found her very sexually appealing, as even the way she spoke while brutally dismembering her enemies sounded pleasurable. Rayne appeared semi-nude in the October 2004 U.S. edition of Playboy Magazine as part of an article entitled Gaming Grows Up.

BloodRayne the Movie (2006)

On 10 August 2004, a BloodRayne movie was announced. Terminator 3 star Kristanna Loken signed on to play Rayne and Majesco confirmed to GameSpot on August 10th that Ben Kingsley has signed on to play Kagan. The plot for the movie as reported by GameSpot is: "Set over two centuries before events in the game, the film will follow BloodRayne's quest to stop Kagan's nefarious schemes to slaughter mankind." The film is directed by Uwe Boll, who is responsible for two other video-game to movie adaptations House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark which were ill-received by critics. It remains to be seen whether or not the BloodRayne movie will follow this trend.
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