Cammy White

Cammy White is a video game character in the Street Fighter series. She first appeared in the fighting game, Super Street Fighter II which was released in 1993, and is known by fans as the 2nd SF female. According to her official biography, Cammy was born on January 6, 1974, in an undisclosed location. She stands 164 cm and weighs 46 kg. Her fighting style is a technique taught to Shadolaw elite. Cammy's early history is unknown; her first appearance in the Street Fighter chronology is Street Fighter Alpha 3, where she is a soulless Doll sent to assassinate Dhalsim. Dhalsim makes her self-aware, and she realizes that Shadolaw is controlling her. M. Bison sends Vega to keep an eye on her. When he confronts her, he tells her that she is an "experiment" and is no longer needed. Vega intentionally lost to her, and she wondered why Shadolaw wants to destroy her, when she has never done anything against them. She later has to deal with Juli and Juni, two other Shadolaw Dolls. When she confronts Bison, he tells her that she was meant to become his next body, when his current one is destroyed by his Psycho Power. Cammy manages to break the twelve Dolls free from Shadolaw's mind control and they attack him. Bison tells Cammy that she is a clone, and that if he dies, she will die as well. Cammy fights against his psychic probing and rescues the Dolls from Bison's control with the Psycho Drive. Cammy gets the Dolls out the Shadoloo base and then falls unconscious. Vega rescues her before the base is destroyed, and deposits her on the doorstep of the British paramilitary organization Delta Red. Cammy awakens with amnesia, and Delta Red takes her in. When the second World Warrior tournament is announced, and that Bison is part of it, Cammy feels a strange connection to him, and enters the tournament to find out. She confronts Bison, who tells her that she is a copy of him, that she killed for him, that he planted her in Delta Red (but didn't count on her losing her memories), and that he has no further use for her. After Bison is defeated, her Delta Red teammates tell her that she doesn't need to live in the past. She is voiced by Lisa Ann Beley in the Street Fighter animated series.
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