Aika is one of the protagonists of the game "Skies of Arcadia". Aika (pronounced "ai-ka" in Japanese and virtually the same in English) is a brown-eyed redhead who wears her hair in two long, stiff braids. During the brief periods when she takes her hair down, it is soft and straight. Aika's clothes are a pair of goggles which she wears perched on top of her head, a brief yellow dress, dark shorts (which bear a passing resemblance to Japanese school bloomers) and a pair of leather boots similar to Vyse's. Overall, she kind of resembles a teenage Pippi Longstocking dressed as Final Fantasy VIII's Selphie Tilmitt. Unfortunately, her physical beauty has attracted unwanted advances from Admiral Vigoro of the Valuan Armada. Aika is 17 years old, the same age as Vyse and Fina. Aika's childhood alternated between happiness and tragedy. Her parents were killed when she was a small girl, and for a time she was kept by the Dyne family as a foster daughter until she was old enough to take care of herself, when she moved back into her family's old home. When she was a very young girl, Aika fell into the well on Pirate Island and was rescued by Vyse; as a result of the trauma of this fall she has never learned to swim. When she was ten years old, she got into serious danger while helping out with a rescue mission, and this situation resulted in the crescent-shaped scar under Vyse's left eye. Aika's fighting style is aggressive, using her boomerangs in long arcing curves against single opponents. Her magic is very strong, though not quite as strong as Fina's, and she has an especial affinity for spells of the Red Moon, which she learns more quickly than others. She is also the character with the best Quick rating in the game, letting her unleash her attacks and magic before opponents have much of a chance to retaliate. Noticeably, all of Aika's S-moves are named after letters of the Greek alphabet. Her S-Moves involve wide attacks against groups of foes, especially powerful against weaker enemies. They are Alpha Storm, Delta Shield, Lambda Burst, Epsilon Mirror and Omega Psyclone. All the attacking moves involve fire in them. Aika has been friends with Vyse for her entire life and the two fight extremely well together. Additionally, she becomes fast friends with Fina. Aika has problems with authority figures (including Captain Dyne), but comes into her own when she, Vyse and Fina strike out on their mission. In the Japanese language sound bites, Aika is played by Tomoko Kawakami. In the English language sound bites, Aika is played by Victoria McCreary.
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