Ada Wong

Ada Wong of Resident Evil 2:
What's Her Story: Ada is perhaps the Resident Evil series' most mysterious character second only to HUNK. Her history before her appearances in the series are completely unknown, but it is known that she is a highly trained international agent second to none in infiltration. She's also quite skillful with guns and combat, shown by her rather impressive dexterity shown in Resident Evil 2 and in Resident Evil 4. Ada is first mentioned as the love of a researcher named John. She seeks him out in Resident Evil 2 but this is revealed to be merely a cover for recovering a sample of the G Virus. It is hinted, however, that she may have had feelings for John, although nothing is ever said outright. She accompanies Leon Scott Kennedy, a rookie police officer unfortunatly caught in the middle of something out of his control. She doesn't seem to particularly need him, but goes anyways perhaps for extra protection, and perhaps also out of compassion. Leon saves Ada from the mutated Birkin near the end, and Ada in turn saves Leon in one of two different ways depending on the scenerio. No matter what though, Ada admits that she wishes she could have gotten to know Leon a little better, hinting at her affection for him. Although she presumably dies, she further helps out Leon and Claire by giving them a rocket launcher to fight off the Tyrant before escaping the labs. The details of her adventures between this point and Resident Evil 4 are sketchy, but what is known is that Albert Wesker saved Ada, and she seems indebted to him for this. She presumably becomes Wesker's personal agent and helps him climb up the ranks of the agency they work for. This leads to Resident Evil 4, where she appears to Leon after much anticipation. Strangely enough, Leon seems unsurprised by Ada's appearance. The reason for his unsurprise is unclear. She seems to be the kind of woman who changes her identity to suit her purpose. It is unknown if Ada Wong is even her real name, although Leon refers to her as this in Resident Evil 4, probably out of a lack of any other name to call her. The relationship between Leon and Ada, much like the two characters themselves, is a popular subject of speculation amongst the series' fandom. Some believe that as of Resident Evil 4, the two have no feelings for each other any longer. Leon, the rookie, has grown up and become Ada's equal in mystique and skill, and Ada has moved on herself. However, the fact Ada goes out of her way to help Leon and Ashley out in the game's events not really needing to, hints that perhaps she still has feelings for him. Leon in turn, admits in the ending that he has never been able to forget about Ada. The destination this unusual relationship is headed to is unknown as of now, but has made these two characters cult favorites. Furthermore, her partnership with Wesker is under question as well. She seems to be extremely devoted for Wesker's cause to restore the Umbrella Corporation.
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